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Getting a better deal from your mobile phone is only a few clicks away and the great news is you dont have to buy a new handset. To help you save money we have listed the latest free sim card offers from all the top mobile phone networks in the UK to make getting free sim cards simple. All of the free SIMs listed within our site are sent via first class post and dont have any contracts or monthly line rental charges. Whats more you will tend to find that as a welcome bonus and to get you started many of the SIM cards on offer come with free credit pre loaded and ready for use.

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Asda Mobile Sims
Free Asda Mobile Sims (With FREE Credit!!!)

Not only can you saves £s on your weekly food shop, but now with Asda you can save money on your mobile bills too.

Asda Mobile gives you 10 FREE Minutes, 10 FREE texts & 10MB of data pre loaded on your new Free SIM Card. Once delivered simply put the SIM in your phone to use!

Free O2 Sims

We have teamed up with O2 to bring you 5 great pay as you go price plans that include offers like free calls and unlimited texts.

Grab your O2 free sims right now while stocks last and remember that they even include free delivery.

Free Vodafone Sims
Free Vodafone Sims

Get your hands on 2 free Vodafone pay and go sim cards now! In stock are both standard SIM Cards plus micro ones for handsets like the iPhone, selected nokia models and even internet tablets.

With Vodafone you can choose from a number of call plans that will give you the very best value for your usage.

Free Giffgaff Sims

Run by it's members, this new network is powered by O2 so you can enjoy great signal coverage with cheap calls and texts.

If you sign up now you not only get a free giff gaff sim card sent direct to your home, but for a limited time you can enjoy mobile internet browsing at no extra cost.

Free FreedomPop Sims (FREE mins, texts & data!)

Order your Free Freedom Pop SIMs today and get 1000 free minutes, 1000 free texts and 1GB of data!

Freedompop is totally flexible because you don't have to sign any contracts and you can leave at anytime without paying any fees. Your new SIM card is delivered for free too!

Free The People's Operator Sims

TPO helps in 2 ways. They provide you with a cheap mobile phone service while at the same time donating 10% of your charges to charity. Best of all this costs you nothing!

SIM numbers are limited, so it's best to order yours now before they all go out of stock!.

Free 3 Mobile Sims

Order your Three sim today and once activated you will be connected to great offers like free calls for life and much more.

Browse the web for free everytime you top up allowing you to email and browse while on the move without costing a penny.

Free Lycamobile Sims

If you're looking to call the rest of the world from your UK mobile, this SIM is what you need! Calls cost from just 1p a minute. Lycamobile also lets you call UK numbers and send texts for some of the lowest rates around too.

You can order 3 Free Lycamobile SIMs with delivery included to your door. No contracts or fuss, simply pay as you go.

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Free Vodafone Sims

Free SIMs most common FAQs

To help answer any questions you might have and to make using our site as simple as can be, we have written a quick guide below to explain a number of processes involved when placing your order and how everything works.

Why are these SIMs free?

The mobile industry is faced with alot of competition so all the major UK networks spend alot of time and money trying to aquire new customers. The quickest and most simple way for them to do this is to offer members of the public free SIMs that are ready to work on most types of handsets and either include free credit pre loaded or require you to top up before use.

Ordering and delivery details

Using our daily updated comparison table you can easily compare which network is best for you. When you are ready to get your free SIMs you simply have to click the order button next to the offer you are interested in and you will be taken to a simple sign up form. Once you have entered your delivery details the network will process this and send out your free SIM cards using first class post. It's also worth remembering that these are pay as you go packages so you only pay for what you use and have no line rental or contract charges.

Activating your new Free SIMs

Once your free SIM has arrived simply pop it into any unlocked mobile phone and you should see on screen the new network name. If you happen to get a message in the form of blocked or locked you may need to get your handset unlocked. To do this simply contact the mobile network you used to be with and they will be able to assist you in the unlocking process. Please note that some may charge a small fee for this.

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